APRIL 13 - 14, 2018

This thrilling and vital fundraising event is held annually in early spring. We look forward to seeing you at art[squared] 2018! Over 300 artists created works of art for the art[squared] exhibition & sale in 2017. All artists will remain anonymous until the squares are purchased - once a piece is sold the artist's name will be revealed. Proceeds from art[squared] support Children's Fine Art Classes (CFAC). The art[squared] event is held at the LVA Gallery - 1538 Lytle Street, Louisville, Kentucky.



How art[squared] works...

  • Hundreds of paintings line the walls of the LVA Gallery, each piece is signed on the back, leaving the front anonymous. The exhibition is unseen by the public until the doors open and the guests have thirty minutes to browse the artwork and seek out their favorites.
  • All works donated to art [squared] will be exhibited anonymously and sold on a first-come, first-served basis
  • As each piece is sold, the buyer learns the identity of the artist, and a placard with the selling artist's name will replace the artwork on the wall. Imagine the powerful sight of 200+ works of art and artists' names hung in support of scholarships for 1000+ young artists!

The beauty of an anonymous exhibition is viewers will be able to respond to the artwork on its merits alone, without prejudice or preference. Each art[squared] artwork is priced at $125, $100 for LVA members.

As previously mentioned, all proceeds benefit CFAC, which educates over 1,000 artistically talented and visually driven children annually in the Greater Louisville area. This provides students with scholarships and helped offset instructor and supply costs in all 11 participating Kentuckiana counties!

LVA Gallery - 1538 Lytle Street, Louisville, Kentucky